Oral hygiene and regular brushing is essential in order to prevent the build up of tartar and prevent gum disease.

If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth this is a sign of gum irritation due to tartar which could eventually lead to loss of teeth.

Our Hygienist can professionally clean your teeth (known as a ‘scale and polish’) which will remove tartar to maintain the health of your gums. You will also be provided with tailored advice which will help you minimise the build up of tartar.

Although regular visits to your Dentist are recommended, our Hygienist is fully qualified to diagnose and treat any gum problems and there is no need to see the Dentist if you prefer this ‘direct access’ option.


As well as maintaining oral health, our Hygienist can also provide cosmetic cleans, which consists of a range of polishes to give your mouth that sparkle back. Please see below for the range of cleans/polishes available and also a choice of Dental Hygiene Plans for how you can pay monthly solely for regular hygiene treatment.

Hygiene Treatments


ClassicGreat for maintaining a healthy smile. A classic scale and polish using a combination of hand scalers and an ultrasonic scaler followed by a polish. You will also receive oral hygiene advice tailored to your needs.
Comprehensive Gum Treatment• Comprehensive treatment for troublesome gums
• Includes up to six sessions with our Hygienist
• Personally tailored to your needs
• Using local anaesthetic where required to ensure a comfortable experience

For hygiene treatment costs, please see our fees.


Hygiene Dental Plan

If you would like regular access to our Hygienist and would like to pay monthly for regular hygiene treatments, then you can consider one of the Dental Hygiene Plans. This is great option even if you have your own preferred Dentist, are a Private or NHS patient here or elsewhere but would just like regular access to a hygienist for oral hygiene care.

Please note the Dental Hygiene Plans do not cover the cost of any dental treatment, check-ups. They are solely to spread the cost of regular Hygiene treatments. Please speak to Reception or the Dentist for more information on how to to sign up. You can also compare Dental plans that include check ups in the above link.


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