Patient preparation information for appointments during Covid-19 pandemic.


We look forward to welcoming you to Market Dental Care for your appointment.

Appointments during the pandemic will be very different.


Things you must do prior to your visit:

Before your appointment, please complete the Medical History and GDPR Consent form on our dedicate Electronic forms page:

If you are an NHS patient, you must also complete the Patient Treatment Declaration (FP17) form also. (The Patient Treatment Declaration form is not required for plan or private patients)

These forms must be completed at least 48 hours before your appointment – if not, your appointment will be cancelled.

  • Medical history form (including Covid-19 questionnaire) is located within section “Assessments and medical questionnaires”
  • GDPR Consent form is located within section “Administration queries or tasks”
  • Patient Treatment Declaration (FP17) is located within section “Administration queries or tasks”

Click here to launch the forms



Things to know about your visit:

  • Please be aware that toilet facilities will be unavailable at the practice (unless for medical reasons).
  • Make sure that your mobile phone is charged before your visit.
  • Please attend for your appointment alone.  If it is essential for you to have the assistance of a carer/parent/guardian then this person must wear a simple face covering and observe social distancing.
  • To help with cross infection please do not bring any unnecessary items with you.
  • Please arrive five minutes before your appointment and stay OUTSIDE maintaining social distancing – this may be by staying in your car.
  • When it is time for your appointment please ring the bell at the front door. Please allow us to open the door for you.
  • As you enter the Practice you will be asked to place coats/bags etc in a box that will be taken with you and also to utilise our hand disinfecting station.
  • If you need to make a payment this will be done before going into the surgery.
  • You will then be taken directly into the surgery for your appointment.
  • At the end of your appointment we will ask you to disinfect your hands again and you will be escorted out of the building. If you have had treatment involving “aerosol” e.g. a filling or ultrasonic scaling, you will be asked to leave by the back door directly out of the surgery.
  • The staff will be wearing more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) than usual which may include masks, visors and full gowns.  Please be assured it is still us underneath it all!
  • If you have any questions please email or call the Practice and we’ll be happy to help.


Finally, we look forward to seeing you again.


Make an appointment and we’ll contact you.

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